10 Outrageous Icks

10 Outrageous Icks

If you’re new to the world of icks, hey, hello, welcome. 

Please proceed with caution because if you think your boyfriend can do no wrong, trust me when I say TikTok will throw that theory out the window. 

For those who don’t know what an ick is, you’re in for a treat. It’s when someone you like does something that is an immediate turn-off for you and once you go down this rabbit hole you may never like anything men do again. 


Some icks are entirely legit, like if they eat their boogers or say they hate vibrators, but others are simply for the plot, outrageously funny and aren’t really make or break. 

And that’s what we are here for today because I’m not trying to end relos. So these are some funny icks I found doom-scrolling TikTok while unfairly hungover. 


1. When he holds his nose before going underwater 

On a scale of one to we are never sleeping together again this does not pass the vibe check. 

Deep down, I understand it, but I’m going to need to close my eyes while you do it.


2. When they try and grow a moustache, but it won’t come in 

Imagine you’re making out with the sex god of your dreams, and suddenly you feel a stray hair from his non existent mo touching your lips. 

Honestly, get in the bin. 


3. When they text “yay” 

It goes from babe to blocked user real quick. 

Can someone explain the psychology of this? Is “yay” a feminine word, or have I just spent too much time on TikTok? 


4. The awkward walk back after his turn bowling 

Bonus ick points if it was a gutter ball. I’ve got second-hand embarrassment just thinking about it. 


5. When you’re having a sleepover and he farts in his sleep 

You can quietly snicker and pretend it never happened. But sis, if you want to wake him up and make him smell the truly putrid smell he’s forced on you, go off; that’s your prerogative. 


6. Not catching the ping pong ball in beer pong and having to chase after it 

That awkward half standing half crawl to get the ball, and then it goes under the chair? 

Forget about it. Move on, you don't need it. Get another ball, I'm begging. 


7. When he’s trying on new shoes and does a little run and jump up the aisle in them 

This is simply unhinged. 

Somehow this tiny act takes you from a hot trophy girlfriend shopping with their boyfriend to a mum taking her kid to Rebel Sport to buy new shoes for term four. 


8. The little moan he does when he stretches in the morning 

Don’t at me, but when executed correctly, this can actually be kind of hot. It’s a very fine line, and he’s walking it delicately. 


9. Nicely unwrapping a present 

If you’re not tearing into that like it contains the very thing you need to survive, then we can’t be boyfriend and girlfriend. 

Sorry, I don't make the rules.


10. Having Instagram story highlights 

I don’t know, queens, I don't know but it just feels like no one needs to see the picture of him holding the fish he caught in 2017 with his dad again. 

IG highlights are for the girls. 


- By Lillie Rohan.



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