2022 Is The Year Of Sex

2022 Is The Year Of Sex
2022 is the year of sex.

With yourself, with a partner, with a cheeky vibe, a dildo, or any other dishevelling tool you land on and with this saucy energy honeys, comes no room for flop town - think of yourself like Samantha Jones when she ignored all her calls to masturbate for the day.

Does it seem excessive? Perhaps. But is it completely understandable? God, yes.

Sex with a partner is the bee knees - especially if they know your body just as well as you do. It’s simply drool-worthy and the flash-back fanny flutters are next level but we're getting off-topic, I’m not here to talk about the unreal sex you have with your boo thang. Hell no sista, I want to discuss the secret Samantha Jones shared with us in the early days of SATC.

The sex-positive queen knew the key to a good life that sometimes the only way to get through the day involves an erotic daydream of your low-key inappropriate, slightly unrealistic crush accompanied by a vibe of your choice.

And in light of dubbing 2022 as the year of bumpy cuddles and too many orgasms to count it seems only fitting we pay our respects to the iconic Missy Mini and all the places you can use her.

I’ll start with the most obvious, the bedroom or the boudoir if you will, Missy Mini was made for this. Picture a Thursday night, the air is warm, the sheets are silky and from your bedside table, you can hear the quiet hum of the magic pink vibe. You know you want her, she knows you want her. Not even a dating app algorithm could give you a match this perfect and the best part of all? She’s not discriminatory. Whether solo or a party of two Missy will have you wondering why you ever used your hands in the first place. The positions? Endless options. The results? Satisfying as hell.

Next up is the the hotel room rendezvous - easily confused with the bedroom option but I promise they are very, very different. I can't quite put my finger on what makes hotel rooms elude sexy energy, maybe it's the fact that Hollywood uses them as the setting for hot, fast, and dirty affairs, or maybe it's because being in a room that's not yours adds a bit of spice to life, whatever it is Missy Mini need to be apart of the situation. You can use her on the bed, in the bathroom, the little chair in the corner or if you want to live large you can jump on the counter of the kitchenette and vibe out. Bonus points if you include your boo thang.

Last but certainly not least, Missy is the perfect size to fit in your handbag which means only one thing. Public masturbation. Obviously, this doesn't mean whipping her out at the dinner table at a restaurant in front of everyone but living life on the edge has taken on a new meaning since vibrator panties were invented so let your freak flag fly with this one baby. Have a lack of privacy at home? Park up at a remote location one night and dive into the back seat with your handy toy, tease your too hot to give a dam lover by giving him an R18 rated preview in the restaurant bathrooms, when exchanging saucy texts with your latest lover during the workday sneak off to the office bathrooms for a cheeky release.  Breaking the norm is a bit hot after all.

Most importantly, use Missy Mini however you feel comfortable. the world is your oyster and 2022 is your year of sex.

— by Lillie Rohan



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