40 Thoughts During Cunnilingus

40 Thoughts During Cunnilingus

Oh, cunnilingus. 

The carpet munching, pussy eating, lip service, oral sex move may as well be a two-for-one special. 

I mean, you're solving the world's problems and receiving an orgasm.  What more could you want?  Well, there is one thing. 

The ability to zone out and enjoy the moment would be the icing on the cake, but alas, here we are. 

While your partner is busy clam diving, you're in your head with thoughts that can be anything from "did I shut the fridge?" To "yes, keep doing that". 

It's like a big old swirly combo in your head. 

Sure, we will eventually enjoy the saucy rendezvous, but it just takes a minute to let our walls down and give into the full glory of our partner's slurpy skills. 

So, for now, here are 40 thoughts every gal has had while laying back and letting their partner drink from the furry cup.

  1. Oh, okay, the panties are off. They're going down south. No hesitation. This is happening; everyone take your places
  2. I'm so glad I showered before coming over here
  3. I wonder if they can see my head over my stomach pooch?
  4. They're looking up at me. I better quickly moan or something
  5. Oh yeah, that's the one. Bring a finger into the mix
  6. They're better at this than I expected, at least better than my ex
  7. He did have his skills though, like that time he -
  8. Omg, stop thinking about your ex while your new boo is literally all up in your lady cave
  9. Okay, now deep breath, focus on the guy between your legs
  10. Oh, the alphabet trick, good move. Someone's been reading Cosmopolitan
  11. I wonder if they're enjoying this? Does their jaw hurt?
  12. Shit, do I have to reciprocate it?
  13. Surely I can avoid it by just going straight into bumpy cuddles
  14. This is getting dangerously close to my butt
  15. I am kind of intrigued though
  16. Can't wait to tell the group chat that they almost knocked on the back door
  17. Are they stopping? God dam, it was just getting good
  18. Wait, nope, back down they go. Praise Jesus
  19. Why did they stop? Oh my god, what if there was a piece of toilet paper stuck down there, and it got stuck in their mouth
  20. What if I got my PERIOD?!
  21. Those thoughts are way too invasive. Move on before you cry
  22. Ahhh! What the fuck was that?
  23. My magic bean is not the earth, and your mouth is not a black hole. Please stop sucking so hard
  24. If they're going this hard for this long, does it mean we are officially dating?
  25. Mental note pt 2. Tell the group chat we are probably dating now
  26. No one panic, but they've found the perfect finger banging, lip service rhythm
  27. Rip. Why are they going faster now that I've moaned?
  28. These moans are top tier, though, I would make a great porn star.
  29. What would my theme song be?
  30. My neck, my back, lick my pussy and my crack
  31. Yeah, that is definitely the one
  32. Oh, can't forget dinner with my parents tomorrow
  33. Kind of weird to be thinking about my parents right now
  34. Holy mother of God, whatever that is, keep doing it
  35. Am I going to squirt?
  36. Would they care? At least we could shower together after
  37. Omgggggggg. Am I done?
  38. Yup, I'm done
  39. Solid 8 out of 10
  40. And now for the main course. Hello bumpy cuddles



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