5 Netflix & Chill Worthy Shows

5 Netflix & Chill Worthy Shows

Is there anything sexier than seeing two characters you’ve grown attached to finally give in to the sexual tension? 

Absolutely not. 

Not even giving into your own sexual tension can beat that. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. It can, but watching your fav characters take a trip down hot and heavy lane is a pretty close second. 

Welcome to the five shows you should add to your Netflix & chill list. 



I mean…. Need I say more? 

This series may as well have been porn for women, and while the storyline was slightly sub-par, the sex scenes certainly made up for it. 

But us chicks love a bit of emotional connection, and with that in mind, we must admit the best part of the whole series is Brad. 

Not his body, not his sexual ability, but how he is the guy we have all dated once, twice, maybe even five times. 

And watching Billie chase after him and have sex flashbacks is outrageously relatable and somehow fulfils all the urges of wanting to text your ex without actually pressing send. 


The Witcher

It’s easy to forget about the monsters and magic in this show when Henry Cavill reeks of sex every second he is on screen. Not to mention how he changed his entire voice and spent hours in the gym to play Geralt. 

And that’s before we even get to his sexual tension and consequential sex scene with Yennefer.

The entire first season was full of “will they, won’t they” moments that, honest to god, had me calling up my situationship at the time so we too could play the will they won’t they game. 

It’s a great series to binge if you are a couple of days out from your period and are angry, sad and horny all at once. 



This is a tough one. 

I haven’t jumped on the Bridgerton bandwagon (yet), but the reviews are in, and the X-rated scenes in this Netflix original are said to be oh-so-O-worthy. 

Maybe it’s because it came out when half of the world was utterly touch-starved thanks to the pandemic; maybe it’s because there was so much sexual tension one could feel it through the scene. 

Whatever it is, it resulted in every single one of my friends announcing to the group chat that it's a must-watch if your situationship cancelled on you and you need a bit of cheering up. Iykyk.


Gossip Girl 

If your mind went directly to Blair and Chuck during any of their raunchy scenes, same girl. 

But you can’t blame yourself. You have to blame Chuck Bass because he is the hot, toxic man we all love to hate. 

Nothing hit the spot, like their hate-fuelled sex scenes and immaculate onscreen chemistry. I mean how many times have you watched the show while eating a tub of ice cream and cried out "Where is my Chuck Bass!!"

The two jumped each other’s bones for six seasons and, in doing so, taught the world there is a very fine line between love and hate, and I, for one, am not sure which side of the fence is the better side. 


The Bold Type 

If you’re yet to come across this show, run, don’t walk.

It’s like a 2020 take on Sex And The City, but like the younger, hotter sister. It’s more inclusive, more empowering, and a perfect depiction of life in your mid-20s. 

But aside from the boss women and strong storylines, this show was all about sex, sex and more sex. 

One of the stand-out scenes would have to be Jane and Ryan getting it on after a raunchy sex club trip. Or Sutton and Richard living all your work crush fantasies by getting dirty in the board room

They slayed, they served, and they thrived. 


- By Lillie Rohan.



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