Foreplay - It Doesn't Just Have To Be The Warm-up.

Foreplay  - It Doesn't Just Have To Be The Warm-up.

Foreplay is defined as the appetiser of bumpy cuddles, and when performed correctly, it can be more enjoyable than the main course itself, so why the heck is it so neglected? 

Men, on average, become aroused quicker than women. It’s real sooty energy, but it’s true. Even thinking about sex can have the lucky buggers locked, loaded and ready to hit pound town, while us gals most likely need a lot more than the thought of sex for the slip and slide chamber to open for business. 

So in the essence of 2022 being the year of sex, it’s time to pay respect to the absolute bombshell moves that will take your sexy time from a five to a solid nine before you even get to the famous p-n-v moment. 

Here are the delicious foreplay acts so good you might end up skipping the main course altogether: 

  • Kissing: I’m not talking about the “oh, we should kiss before getting down and dirty” make-out session but rather the “I’m really horny and hungry for you in a non-cannibal way” snogging session. It’s about being utterly encapsulated by another person like you can’t get enough of them; you’re completely overwhelmed with lust. Let your body lead you with this move, kiss their neck, their body and obviously their lips, fully immerse yourself in the act of snogging.
If you’re feeling cheeky, you might even give them a lil love bite and holy demon, isn’t that hot? Knowing every time they look in the mirror for the next week, they will think of your sexy make-out? 
  • Blow job tug of war: Picture this, you and Hunky are hooking up, it’s going well, you’re thinking yeah, hot bitch energy, then he places his hands on your shoulders and starts pushing you down south. You hold your ground. He pushes a little harder; he might even slip a finger in your mouth. Welcome to the blow job tug of war.
The secret of warming ’n’ winding him up with this move is knowing the power you have and embracing it - and by this I mean, he can’t suck his own peen; it’s all you, baby. Kiss everywhere except where he wants you, his inner thigh, his lower stomach; let your hands roam his body and when he is at his wits' end when his desperation is at an all-time high, and you’re drunk on his moans - or power, whatever gets you off, girl, finish with the main event. 
  • Shower time: This is not a practical shower; it’s a yassifed shower, a sexy shower if you will, because do you know what’s hot? You. Do you know what’s hotter? You, naked. Do you know what is hotter than that? You AND your partner naked in a shower with water and soap all over your sexy bods. 
Get busy in the shower with the soap, wash each other down, steal a couple of kisses, pay extra attention to the parts of their body you love most; heck, you can even put on a show and feel yourself up to really build the anticipation. You are a goddess, the main character, the main course and this appetiser is so steamy, you’ll both be dripping. 
  • Sixty-nine: Holy shit, the sixty-nine is probably the hardest foreplay move in the world and the bane of my sexual existence. I’m not sure how to make it sound sexy, so instead here is a serious question for the GGO community. How do you embrace your own pleasure while working overtime to pleasure someone else? Also, another serious question, how does sixty-nine work when one of you is super tall, and one is of average/short height? And oh my god, if one of you comes before the other, do you keep going? The concept is absolute fire; the execution is still under investigation.
As usual, GGO Queens, foreplay is an activity that requires consent, so however, you and your partner choose to take part in these delicious sensual shenanigans, make sure you’re both onboard - and never feel like you have to follow through the with the main course if you decide the appetiser was more than enough.
— By Lille Rohan



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