Situationship Perks:

Situationship Perks:

They get a bad rep, but if we're being honest with each other, there is nothing quite like the joys of a situationship.

Good sex, bad texts and a whole lot of mutually funny toxic behaviour, what's not to love? - unless it actually is toxic, in which case, get out of there, sister.

If you're feeling a bit unhinged and want to get dicked down in Dallas this summer without getting locked down for Christmas I'm not one to defer you.

So here is everything your friends won't tell you about the perks of a situationship:


- You can drunk text them and they love it

My new aesthetic is adventurously drunk texting my situationship and seeing how they respond. Case and point:

Me: Why are you not in the club?

Him: Chill out it's only 11

Me: Don't be a dick

Him: Can't wait to see you x

Me: I'm dancing with a hottie, don't come over and see me

Him: Bet. Get him to buy us some drinks

He cares a little bit but not too much. He's not going to tell me off for being cheeky - not like a boyfriend would.

Will he get the ick from the drunk texts?

Maybe but it's unlikely because the feelings aren't that deep. It's just a bit of fun.


- You can disappear and come back months later with no questions asked

Situationships are all about embracing the low-maintenance vibes - and I'm not just talking about Missy Mini and Tiff.

You don't really want a relationship - neither do they, but you love sleeping together. So when your roster is drier than the Sahara Desert, you just DM them and slip back on into their bed like you never left.

It's all gravy, baby.


- No one gets you like they do

Heaven forbid I spend one more second romanticising these types of relationships, but in all honesty, the friendship/relationship - whatever you want to call it - with your banging bud just hits different.

They keep you humble by asking questions about stuff you've already discussed, like, "what do you mean you don't like coffee?"

But they know you like a massage on your shoulders, hate silicone lube and wear exclusively red underwear.

Plus they can tell when you've been getting down and dirty with someone else because you add a new position into the routine that they weren't expecting.

Spicy missionary? Alright then.


- It's easier to escape the feels 

Is it a relationship? Is it friends with benefits? Why am I meeting your friends? Oh, your mum knows my name? I'm catching feels just thinking about it.

But when you know it's a situationship, you can pretend to ignore your feelings the same way Damon Salvator did in the Vampire Diaries.

Love? Romance? Before bed, daydreams about your man who's not your man? What are those? Okay, I'm lying.

There are SOME feelings, but chances are the situationship will end before they overwhelm you.

As a shamelessly single gal, I'm into the situationship and will absolutely be your number one hype girl if you want to get in one as well.

I've said it 15 million times and i'll say it again, it's all for the plot.


- By Lillie Rohan.



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