The Sex Moves That Deserve To Thrive

The Sex Moves That Deserve To Thrive

When life gives you a spontaneous road trip with your gal pals, there is only one thing to do.

Rate the bumpy cuddles moves you love more than your Missy Mini.

Any gal who has been on a four-hour roadie with their besties knows there is only so much "I spy with my little eye" you can play, and before long, you are diving deep into each other's sex lives, learning more about pegging than you ever thought possible and reminiscing about the o-worthy moments with your past and present f*ckboys.

It's not just a journey to your destination but a journey of bonding, and since I'm a writer who lives in a perpetual state of oversharing, here are the moves my friends and I decided deserve a place at the top of the sex move pyramid.


"Doggy style means you get a treat after aye?"

I'll admit, doggy is a very controversial choice. It's something you will love or hate. For some, it's like crawling onto all fours and discovering what heaven feels like; for others, it's worse than aggressive finger banging because it pokes you in all the wrong places.

To do doggy, position yourself on all fours facing forward while your partner penetrates you from behind. It's simple but effective.

With one of your best assets in your boo thang's face and not a smooch in sight, there is only one thing to do. You better work, b*tch. Bonus points if it's in front of a mirror.


There are so many variations of this move, but basically, you push your (preferably naked) boo thang on the bed and climb on top of them until you're comfortably in the saddle, then ride them; cowgirl - hat and whip are optional.

It's a love-hate relationship with this one. On the one hand, you get to not only control the pace of pound town, but you get to watch your partner as they roll their eyes into "holy f*ck" heaven.

On the other hand, you literally control the pace... and while we all joke about the two-minute cummer, nothing humbles your stamina more than cowgirl. It's honestly worse than the beep test.

But while you're doing the work, the person underneath you is giving you the best sexy eyes you've ever seen, which gives enough strength to carry on for another 10 seconds before collapsing on their chest and telling them to go on without you.

Sexual Spoon

The sexual spoon is where you spoon feed each other until you climax.

Kidding, it's when you lay in bed side by side, with your tooshie pushed up against their trouser snake and find out how squeaky your bed is.

If you're mid-Netflix and feel it's the perfect time to engage the *chill* this position is the easiest way to slip, you know what in you know who. Not to mention how well it hits the G.

And if you've woken up in the morning ready to have the hottest sex of your life but aren't prepared to get up and brush your teeth first, don't worry. The sexual spoon has got you, boo. It's all pleasure with no stanky smooches.

Head Over Heels

I have no idea what this is called, so for now, it's head over heels or spicy missionary. This move is when your legs are "wrapped" around your head while your partner pounds you like a drum.

The main satisfaction comes from being very proud of yourself for turning into a human pretzel despite never doing yoga in your life.

Sure, it might hurt tomorrow, you are very likely to have pulled a muscle in your leg, and you have no idea how you will get out of the conundrum but the big-o? OOOOOOH, it's worth it.

- By Lillie Rohan.



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