The Horny Playlist You Never Knew You Needed.

The Horny Playlist You Never Knew You Needed.

There comes a moment in every woman's life when she needs a really horny playlist. 

Maybe you're dancing nude, perhaps you just broke up with someone and need to feel like an absolute badass, or maybe you're getting down and dirty with your boo thang. 

The reason doesn't matter. The music, however, does. 

So after a lot of research - searching 'horny playlist' on Spotify - here are my top 10 picks for the songs that will have you revisiting those dirty bedroom moments:

1. WAP - Cardi B ft Megan Thee Stallion

When this song came out, New Zealand was in level 2 (Auck L3) and the fact that we couldn't go to the club and dirty dance with a complete stranger all in the name of being a certified freak? Now that was a national tragedy. 

2. Super Freaky Girl - Nicki Minaj

The feminine urge to put on sexy lingerie and dance in the mirror to this song is unmatched. *mwah* compliments to Mrs Minaj. I am a simp. 

3. Confident - Justin Bieber ft Chance the Rapper

JB says in the song "sexual momentum, Mona Lisa masterpiece" and WHERE IS THE LIE? Where is it? You put this song on, and I don't know what juju it was made with, but you just know you're hot. It gives you the confidence of a literal goddess.

4. I'd Do Anything To Make You Smile - Jack Harlow 

Okay, picture this. It's the day after a *very* steamy rendezvous, you can't concentrate on anything because you're too busy having flashbacks, then you get to 2m 10s of this song, and Jack Harlow is all like, "Imma fuck the earrings off of you". All I'm going to say is, good luck. 

5. For Your Entertainment - Adam Lambert

This song gives me BDSM vibes. It might be the whipping sounds or the dark undertones, but one thing is for certain: it makes you want to take your clothes off and do very naughty stuff. 

6. I See Red - Everybody Loves an Outlaw

Yes, the cringey 365 films made this song a thing but tell me it doesn't make you want to have the hottest breakup sex of your life. Can't? Didn't think so. This song is the ultimate "I shouldn't be doing this, but I'm so glad I am" song. 

7. Boyfriend - Dove Cameron 

I'm sorry, but I've never wanted to be a man-eater more in my life. Something about this song makes me want to perfect the siren eye technique, put on a skimpy - but somehow elegant - black dress and be the mysterious, alluring, hot woman in the room.

8. Earned it - The Weeknd

Yes, it is from Fifty Shades Of Grey, but it injects sexiness into your blood. Can't explain it, don't have time to get into it. 

9. Partition - Beyonce 

I mean…. Have you heard these lyrics? It’s filth in the very best way and if your steamy playlist is literally this song on repeat, pass go, collect $200, babe. Collect $400 even. It’s divine. 

10. Something in Your Mouth - Nickelback

I honestly don't know why this man gets SO much hate online because his songs are either sad girl summer or I'm so horny I might die, and I think it's pretty obvious which one this is. It also gives "we've only got 5 minutes, let's make it a very hot quickie" energy. 

That’s all we have time for today. 

Jump on board the horny train and add these to your NSFW playlist.

If you're someone who shares a music streaming app with your family and don't want to let them know your, ahem, sensual music pics, we got you, girl. 

Find the Girls Get Off Bangers playlist on Spotify for some old favs and new bangers. 

- By Lillie Rohan



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