What Are the 9 Different Types of Orgasms Vulva-Owners Can Have?

What Are the 9 Different Types of Orgasms Vulva-Owners Can Have?

Every woman’s (and all vulva-owners) body is different, but all are capable of doing so many things – one of which is orgasm. But did you know that there are actually multiple types of orgasms, each respective to different ways we get off? 

If you didn’t know, we don’t blame you. Instead, we’re here to help you learn what nine of the most common types of orgasms are and how you can achieve them, whether it’s with your partner, sex toys, or going at it solo. In the words of Anne with an E: “Oh, how I love being a woman.”

Why Do Women Have Different Types of Orgasms?

There’s a combination of factors that influence each vulva owner and which can impact the types of orgasms that they have. Your biology and psychology are two factors that influence how you get off, and your make-up is quite different to Stephanie, whose getting off next door. While she experiences orgasms a certain way, you might prefer something completely different, and that’s fine! Each person may like different types of stimulation since different sensations feel good for each individual.

If you want to try some new ways to get off, this one’s for you. 

Clitoral Orgasm

Clitoral orgasms are one of the most common orgasms, and they’re caused by stimulating the clitoris. She’s orgasm-central and is there for the vibes. 

You can have a clitoral orgasm by stimulating it with a finger, tongue, or a vibrator like Missy or Polly.

G-Spot Orgasm

The G-Spot is part of your clitoral network and is in the front interior wall of your vagina. Hitting your G-Spot stimulates your clitoral network (although not directly the clitoris), and can lead to a mind-blowing orgasm.

Blended Orgasm

A blended orgasm occurs when a vulva owner receives both vaginal and clitoral stimulation. This is either achieved during sex or with what we think is one of the best vibrators for women – a dual-stimulation sex toy like Tiff. If you’ve ever been talking to your bestie and they’ve mentioned they had an earth-shattering orgasm, this is likely what they were talking about.

Anal Orgasm

While it’s more commonly spoken about with men, women can have anal orgasms, too! Anal orgasms are achieved with penetration, whether it’s from sex toys, a butt plug, or partner penetration. This is because the inside of your anus is located quite close to the internal clitoral network and your pelvic floor, which is full of nerves waiting to be stimulated.

Nipple Orgasm

We know what you’re thinking: I can get off from my… nipples? You sure can. Nipples are an erogenous zone, with plenty of nerve endings that are susceptible to LOTS of pleasure. You can get crafty and stimulate your nipples with an array of vibrators, or keep it traditional and use your fingers. Either way, it feels great.

Exercise-Induced Orgasm (Coregasm)

Yeah, you read that right. Exercising can do more for your body than just improve your fitness. An exercise-induced orgasm is often the result of core work since you are also engaging your pelvic floor muscles. While it isn’t as strong as other types of orgasms, at least it makes the gym more appealing.

Sleep Orgasm

Sleep orgasms are most likely to occur when you have a sexy dream, which increases the blood flow to your vagina. While it’s not the only position they can happen in, a sleep O most commonly happens when you’re lying on your stomach, since there’s increased pressure and stimulation on your clitoris. The stomach sleepers know what’s up. 

Cervical Orgasm

It’s time to get deep (literally). Cervical orgasms involve stimulating the cervix, which can be achieved by deep penetration. So buckle up and stay relaxed, because this type of orgasm is sure to be a big one.

Squirting Orgasm

Squirting isn’t just something you see in a spicy movie – female ejaculation is a real thing! Squirting occurs when the vulva owner is in an ultra-relaxed state of mind, and a clear fluid gushes out as they orgasm. But it’s possible to squirt without orgasming, too!

What if I Can’t Have Certain Types of Orgasms?

Everyone is different, and the same goes for your vulva. People experience different types of pleasure, and the types of orgasms you have may be completely different to the person next to you. It’s completely normal not to be able to have certain types of orgasms – and it’s nothing to worry about! Just keep experimenting and get to know your body better.

Now you know of all the different ways you can finish, why not look at some fresh ideas on how to get there? Check out our Girl’s Guide to Getting Off and have fun! ;)



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