Gold Missy *Limited Edition*



Consider this your VIP pass to O-town.

Swapping her signature pink for a glamorous gold, our limited edition Missy Mini is still the external vibe you’ve come to know and love - just with a little more dazzle.

Waterproof and USB rechargeable, complete with 10 settings and a clitoral vacuum that compares to mind-blowing oral sex, she’s here to ensure your February 14th - and every day after - includes the ultimate golden hour.

Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary?


“Can I give 500 stars instead of 5? In fact, make that 500,000. Best. Orgasms. Ever.”


Key Features

Missy is waterproof & purchasing a Missy includes a charger.


Please see our Shipping Policy for details on timeframes and address changes etc. 

Missy FAQs

What Is a Clit Vibrator?

A clit vibrator, also known as a clitoral vibrator, is a sex toy designed to stimulate the clitoris, a highly sensitive organ located at the top of the vulva. Basically, a vibrator with a clit stimulator does god’s work – and our Missy can do it very, very quickly.
Missy mimics the feeling of oral sex – think of it as a miraculous little clit sucking vibrator. While some clit vibrators can be large and intimidating for first-time users, Missy is the opposite. She’s small, cute as a button, and just as quiet. Take her for a spin, and you’ll experience a clitoral orgasm like never before.

What Are the Missy Clit Vibrator’s Key Features?

Once you meet Missy, you’ll love her. She’ll be your new best friend (with benefits). This clit vibrator has 10 different suction modes and intensity levels, meaning you can get off whichever way feels best for you.
Missy is made from medical-grade silicone, meaning she’s waterproof and ready to hop in the shower with you. Whether you wipe your clit sucking vibrator down with our Cleanies or run it under the tap, Missy won’t let you down and fail when things start to get wet.
Get into the nitty gritty of Missy’s specifications and learn about all her features before you take her for a test run.

Does Missy Have Different Speeds and Settings?

Missy can really do it all. Featuring 10 different settings with seven intensity levels and three different patterns, you’ll never get bored when she takes a trip downstairs.

How Can a Missy Clit Sucking Vibrator Enhance Sexual Pleasure?

This might sound strange, but we think that you and Missy have a lot in common. You know what you want, and you’re determined to get it – and Missy wants that for you, too. By providing intense and targeted stimulation to the clitoris, this clitoral vibrator will take you there… and beyond. Use Missy with her bestie, Juicee, for an experience you won’t forget.

What Are the Potential Benefits of Using a Clit Vibrator?

Aside from the obvious fact that a clit vibrator will have you frequently visiting O-land, there are so many benefits to this spicy adult toy. Some of Missy’s perks include:

Stress relief:

no one knows how to make you relax like Missy. Unwinding (and undressing) in the tub or your bed after a long, hard day with your best clit vibrator in hand can relieve stress and give you an escape from daily frustrations.


It’s just you and Missy, baby, with no one else around. Using a clit sucking vibrator allows you to explore your body, desires, sexual preferences, and what gets you off.

Enhanced orgasms:

The focused stimulation provided by a vibrator on your clit can often result in a more powerful, satisfying orgasm. With Missy, you won’t be left frustrated.
Want some new ways to get off? Take a look at our pleasure guide.

Is the Missy Clit Vibrator Travel-Friendly?

Yes! Missy is a small pocket-rocket and can come with you anywhere, neatly tucked away in your bag.

Does Girls Get Off Use Discreet Packaging?

If you’re worried about your new vibrator arriving in a big, loud box, don’t be. We ship our orders in discreet packaging, so the whole neighbourhood isn’t aware of the party you’re about to have – either solo or with your partner. You can read our shipping policy for more information or contact us with any questions.



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