Tips for Pleasurable Sex Life After Menopause

Tips for Pleasurable Sex Life After Menopause

Now then, ladies, let’s talk about something that is as real as it gets: menopause. Yes, the unavoidable stage in life when our bodies decide to throw a hormonal party and leave us with the aftermath of it. However, fear not, because in today’s discussion we will be tackling a subject that lies near to many people’s hearts: how to maintain sexual passion after menopause has set in.

Challenges do come hand in hand with menopause but that doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to our sex lives. In fact, by having enough knowledge on this matter and some handy tips, we can not only maintain but even increase pleasure between the sheets. So, grab your favourite cuppa, get comfy and let us explore some juicy advice on how to go about post-menopausal intimacy like real queens!

How can I boost my libido after menopause?

Okay, then, let’s start with the big question: where did our mojo go wrong and how can we make it right? Sometimes menopause may play havoc with our sex drive, leaving us feeling more “so-so” than “come-hither”. Nonetheless, never worry, for we have an artillery of tricks up our sleeves.

  • Get Physical: Regular exercise isn’t just good for keeping fit; it is actually a great way of boosting those feel-good endorphins that ensure good blood circulation throughout the body. And so, whether it is yoga, dancing, or hitting the gym, find an activity that gets you moving.
  • Nourish Your Body: What goes into our bodies greatly affects our libido. Have libido-enhancing foods such as dark chocolate (yes, you read right!), almonds, avocados, and strawberries, among others. And hey, at times, a little indulgence does not harm!
  • Libido Supplements: These are supplements like Afternoon Delighters that are meant to help out when one is feeling empty below the belt area due to low libido. Some of them contain ingredients like horny goat weed, ginseng, and maca root, which are known to be aphrodisiacs.
  • Prioritise Self-Care: Stress and tiredness can majorly kill one’s libido; therefore, make sure you include self-care in your routine. Find activities that help you relax and wind down, whether it is a bubble bath, meditation, or sitting with a good book.

What’s the best treatment for vaginal dryness after menopause?

The dreaded vaginal dryness, that uncool side effect of menopause, can put a damper on our sex lives. However, don’t despair, because where there’s will (and plenty of water-based lube), there's a way!

  • Stay Hydrated: It may sound simple but keeping yourself hydrated really helps fight vaginal dryness. Throughout the day, ensure that you take enough water so as to keep your body and your lady parts well hydrated.
  • Invest in a Good Lube: Not all lubricants are created equal. Choose a high quality water based lubricant, especially made for sensitive skin, without causing any irritation. Extra points if it is pH balanced and free of harsh chemicals.
  • Foreplay, Foreplay, Foreplay: Women, don’t disregard the importance of traditional foreplay. Take your moment to discover another’s body with lots of smooching and fondling; allow yourself to get aroused naturally. Believe me, a little extra tender loving care goes a long way in fighting off dryness.
  • Hormone Therapy: In certain women, doctors may recommend hormone therapy (oestrogen creams or tablets) as one of the approaches for coping with vaginal dryness. Speak to your healthcare provider to find out if this is a possible way out for you and learn more about any dangers or side effects that may arise.

Are there specific sexual positions or techniques that are more comfortable or enjoyable after menopause?

All right, let’s go for the jugular – sex. Our bodies may not be as spry as they were before, but that does not mean we cannot enjoy ourselves in bed. In this light, there are various positions and tricks that can be more convenient and enjoyable so to speak, with age.

  • Girl on Top: This classic position is empowering because it allows you to control the depth and angle of penetration based on what you feel most comfortable with. Also, it is a fantastic way of showing how confident and dominant you are during your love-making sessions.
  • Spooning: Ahh… spooning! It is perfect for easy entry since it opens the woman up completely while maintaining the strain on her joints and muscles. It is also an ideal position for those lazy mornings when all you want to do is cuddle up.
  • Side-by-side: Similarly to spooning, this position facilitates deep thrusting without affecting your body too much. Again, it provides a greater chance of maintaining eye contact with your partner, thereby enhancing intimacy between couples.
  • Focus on Sensuality: Remember that sex goes far beyond penetration; instead, it represents pleasure and connection. Engage in sensual massage, oral sex, or other non-penetrative activities to find out what brings most satisfaction to both of you.

How does menopause impact orgasm and sexual pleasure, and what can I do about it?

All right then, orgasms—the ultimate aim in attaining sexual satisfaction! Sometimes menopause causes some disruptions within our orgasmic pathways but fear not, as there are several ways that we could reclaim or take back these delights.

  • Kegel Exercises: Regular kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles will improve blood flow into the genital area, leading to arousal and even more intense, stronger orgasmic contractions. Moreover, they are discreet exercises that can be done anytime, anywhere!
  • Experiment with Sex Toys: And what’s up with the younger generations and their toys? A new vibrator or other sex toy can add an extra layer of excitement and pleasure to your solo or partnered play. Moreover, they come in different shapes, sizes, and strengths; hence, one must definitely suit you.
  • Explore Different Sensations: Changes happen as we grow older; thus, our bodies may respond differently to stimulation. You may also try new sensations by changing the type of touch you use while experimenting with different pressures and temperatures for instance.
  • Communication is Key: Finally, communication plays a vital role in sexual satisfaction. Talk openly with your partner about what you like, what feels good, and any issues or difficulties that arise. Remember that this is something you are facing together.

How can I talk to my partner about changes in my sexuality due to menopause?

All right, queens, let us go straight into it, talking about these changes related to menopause with our loved ones. Initially awkwardly sounding conversations will be nerve-wracking at first but I assure you, speaking truthfully is going to enrich your sex life tremendously.

  • Choosing the Right Moment and Situation: The timing is crucial when it comes to difficult conversations. Choose a moment when you are both at ease, not interrupted by anything else, and in an optimistic mood. Find a time for both of you that allows you to talk about it either during dinner, on a cosy night at home or even in bed.
  • Be Frank and Candid: Telling people about your sexuality changes can be difficult, but always remember that it is good to be sincere. Share your thoughts, moods, and worries with your partner in a non-confrontational and delicate manner, and ask them to do so.
  • Look for Solutions: Rather than focusing on the negatives, consider looking for solutions and approaches that will help both of you. Think together, look up some information from various sources, and try out different ways to maintain fire in the relationship.
  • If You Need Help, Get It: If you are finding it hard to discuss this with your partner, consider seeking support from a therapist or counsellor specialising in sexual health. They will guide you through this tough time in your life by helping you communicate better with one another.

That's it! My fabulous queens. Welcome to a quick class on post-menopausal intimate navigation. Take notes because I am just about to educate all the confident, sexy goddesses on how they should go about postmenopausal intimacy. Let us not forget that menopause may throw us some curveballs, but there is no limit to satisfaction and pleasure in bed if we are a little inventive with our minds, talk more openly, and use lube liberally. If need be, please consult an expert who deals specifically with sexual health problems to provide advice on what is happening between you. A crash course, then, my beautiful queens; here’s how we conquer menopause (as confident, sexy goddesses). We know menopause throws us many curved balls, but creativity, communication, and tonnes of lubricant can lead us to having the utmost pleasure and satisfaction while doing 50+ sex. Let go, be willing to change, and keep that wildfire burning within you. No worries, ladies; it won’t kill you!



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